1. Prologue

Currently, there are many foreigners who are interested in and want to go through Vietnam's immigration procedures, but they easily face many difficulties such as:

Not understanding Vietnamese law, language difference.

No time to go through complicated, complicated procedures.

Grasping this fact, immigration consulting services for foreigners have become a "fertile land" and attract many companies to provide them. However, among those countless options, it is difficult for you to find a service that has both "heart", and "reach".

Understanding the concerns of customers, EZ Tourism and Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. is pleased to provide immigration consulting services for foreigners with a wide range of activities. Depending on your needs and specific cases, you can come to EZ for advice and dedicated support by a team of professional staff who always put the word "Trust" on the top and care about your feelings. of each customer.

2. EZ .'s Mission

EZ Tourism and Investment Consulting Co., Ltd is proud to be one of the experts in the field of immigration consulting for foreigners. As an official member of the Korean Business Association in Vietnam (KORCHAM), from the time of its establishment until now, our company has always made constant efforts to fulfill its mission: providing attentive service. , dedicated and best quality to each customer who has trusted and accompanied EZ.

3. Field of activity

When it comes to EZ limits, we don't have any limits. With the ability to work flexibly and positively influence and support each other, EZ provides you with professional and dedicated consulting services on a variety of fields and issues such as:

  • Domestic and international travel (In-Ontbound Tour)
  • Global Flight Ticket
  • Hotel Reservation (Hotel Revervation)
  • Vietnam Visa & countries (Vietnam & Foreign Countries' Visa)
  • Investment & Legal Consultancy

4. What makes EZ stand out in such a fiercely competitive market?

To answer this question, perhaps we have to go from exclusive strengths that, besides EZ, you can hardly find in other companies doing similar services such as:

  • EZ provides services because EZ directly works and handles with state agencies without going through any intermediaries – something not often found in many other consulting service companies. It is this special feature that helps EZ solve customers' problems extremely quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • EZ is capable of solving all immigration-related issues for foreign experts, supporting and managing foreign personnel during their working in Vietnam.
  • EZ has a team of consultants, legal and document processing staff with 03 to 10 years of experience in the field of immigration, with in-depth knowledge, good ability in foreign languages: English, Korean , Chinese,...
  • EZ is a reliable partner of many foreign businesses in Vietnam, the products created by EZ always satisfy customers from the processing time to the quality of service provided.
  • EZ has flexible working standards and customer service, which is highly appreciated by partners through the process of receiving documents, processing records, tracking records and handing over results.
  • For EZ Investment and Consulting Co., Ltd., the interests of customers always come first. Therefore, we always strive to improve ourselves in order to bring true value to each customer accompanying EZ.

5. Staff – The core factor of EZ .'s success

During the time of operation, one of the things that makes EZ's quality and reputation come from the specialization of each department and the sense of responsibility of each individual in our staff. They are the core factor to maintain and ignite the flame of enthusiasm - which determines the development of EZ from the past to the present and the future.

Specifically, the working apparatus of EZ is a strict system of a consulting company, including 30 professional staffs working according to each person's expertise.

To do this, we always try to improve service quality, and at the same time perfect ourselves to match the requirements of our customers. The EZ of the past, present and future are all towards the ultimate goal: to bring the best quality and worthy services to EZ's customers. In addition to the high level of expertise, the dedicated and professional consulting attitude. of EZ is also what makes many customers trust and choose EZ during the past time. "One face of a person is equal to ten faces of", so EZ believes that a truly quality service not only requires "deep" and "wide" professional knowledge, but also comes from a warm, caring service attitude. thoughtful, making customers even when they come to be "happy and secure"; When you go, "satisfied, remember".

6. Achievements of EZ

1. Pass rate

EZ's strength is fast processing time and high productivity. Specifically, +1000 records have been completed by EZ in just a few years of operation. In the future, this number is forecasted to increase rapidly due to our tireless efforts.

Not only that, 100% of customers coming to EZ are consulted wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. Our slogan is “Go with EZ – Things get easy”. Accompanying EZ, your problems will be solved quickly and effectively. With many years of experience in operation and the opportunity to work with many different individuals and organizations; Nothing can make it difficult for us. Sometimes, EZ also consults new and unique solutions to save time and costs for customers. It is this "Fast - Unique - Strange" factor that keeps customers coming to EZ not only once but many times.

2. Typical partners and customers

The biggest motivation to help EZ develop as it is now is the trust of customers. During the past time, we are extremely proud to provide immigration consulting services to experts from many countries around the world such as: UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Korea, China, Japan, New Zealand, Philippine, Nigeria, Bangladesh, India, Algeria,...

Besides, EZ is also honored to cooperate with many famous brands such as: Techcombank, One Mount Group, Amaccao, Huawei, Lotte Duty Free, Siflex, Samsung SDIV, JNTC Vina, etc.

In the future, EZ Investment and Consulting Co., Ltd. will work even harder to improve service quality, towards the satisfaction of customers who have always trusted EZ. With our ability and efforts, EZ ensures that you can get the best experience when using our services.

Some customer comments after working with EZ:

From Mrs. Regina: Good advice, quick handling. Very good!

(Good advice, quick processing. Very good!)

From Mr. Robinson: Perfect! It took me a month to prepare for my application and still got rejected. But EZ handles my case in just one week!

(Perfect! It took me a whole month to prepare my application and still got rejected. But EZ was able to resolve my case in just a week!)

7. End - Contact Information

Do you need to use immigration consulting services for foreigners? So do not hesitate any longer, contact us via:

Address: No 42 lane 26 Nguyen Hong Street, Lang Ha Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam.
Hotline: 0869 907 519 | 0867 439 725
Email: support@eztour.vn

Best regards!

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