• EZ's services are provided by EZ directly working and dealing with government agencies without any intermediaries – something not common in many other consulting firms. It is this special feature that helps EZ solve customers' problems extremely quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.


  • EZ is capable of solving all immigration-related issues for foreign experts, supporting and managing foreign personnel during their working in Vietnam.


  • EZ has a team of consultants, legal and document processing staff with 03 to 10 years of experience in the field of immigration, with in-depth knowledge, good ability in foreign languages: English, Korean , Chinese,...


  • EZ is a reliable partner of many foreign businesses in Vietnam, the products created by EZ always satisfy customers from the processing time to the quality of service provided.


  • EZ has flexible working standards and customer service, which is highly appreciated by partners through the process of receiving documents, processing records, tracking records and handing over results.

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